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What to Expect on Your First Marietta GA Upper Cervical Chiropractic Appointment

Case History

You will be asked to fill out a chiropractic case history. A chiropractic case history is very different from a case history you have ever filled out. We start with the birth process, your childhood and your current health today. This Chiropractic case history helps reveal any invisible layers of damage that have accumulated throughout your lifetime. The first trauma to your spine usually happens during the birth process.


At the consultation, Dr. Blumsack will talk with you about what he will be doing on the first visit. The first visit will include Chiropractic tests to locate and detect vertebral subluxations (spinal misalignment's) and take any necessary x-rays. He will also go over the fees that you will incur that day. Should you decide to continue with the chiropractic evaluation. Dr. Blumsack will also let you know what to expect on your next visit.

Chiropractic Evaluation

During your Chiropractic Evaluation we will be looking for the presence of vertebral subluxations and how it has effected body function. Your evaluation will include specific chiropractic tests looking for spinal distortions, restricted ranges of motion, muscle spasm, inflammation, abnormal nerve function and brain-stem pressure..When x-rays are necessary we will also determine if there is any spinal degeneration and how severe it is.

Visit 2-Report of Findings

Upon completion of all of the above you will be scheduled to meet with Dr. Blumsack for your 2nd Visit-Report of Findings. Dr. Blumsack will carefully review your Chiropractic case history, analyze your chiropractic test results and any x-rays taken. Dr. Blumsack will write up your personalized report of findings outlining his best recommendations for you and go over the financial aspect of your care.

Visit 2-Chiropractic Adjustment

Upon acceptance of Dr. Blumsack's recommendations you will receive a specific scientific chiropractic adjustment to begin your journey back to health.

We can help to get you back on the right track to health

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Blumsack Family Chiropractic

Our practice is made up of families wanting to live a healthier life.

Our Mission: Improving the health of our community, especially the families.
3770 Due West Road, Suite 200
Marietta, GA 30064
(678) 741-8993
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