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Pediatric & Family Upper Cervical Chiropractor in Marietta

At Blumsack Family Chiropractic, we love helping people discover the greatest levels of health that they may never have known were possible. Get the specific care you need with measurable, objective results. Find out what our natural solutions can do for you and your family

Improving the health of our community, especially the families.

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Upper Cervical Chiropractic

Want to learn more about Upper Cervical Chiropractic the unique form of care that Dr. Blumsack uses at Blumsack Family Chiropractic? Then click on the video thumbnail to watch a short 2 minute overview video.

Why Choose Dynamic Upper Cervical?


Dynamic Upper Cervical Analysis used prior to the first upper cervical adjustment allows us to determine the exact misalignment of your upper cervical spine. Careful analysis reveals a precise correction formula used to restore your upper cervical spine to its proper alignment.


Upper Cervical is a very gentle chiropractic technique that involves absolutely no “popping” or “twisting” of the neck or back. The precision of the adjustment allows us to work smarter, not harder. You’ll be amazed at how gentle and precise the adjustment is!


By removing pressure at the upper cervical level and not just the problem areas, the body is able to stay corrected for longer periods of time, allowing for better performance, prevention and recovery.

What Our Patients Say…

  • My husband has A-Fib, hip problems, diabetes and high blood pressure. I have high blood pressure, diabetes and back problems. My husbands hip and leg's don't ache as much, he walks some without his cane and he is doing things I have not seen him able to do in 2 years. His blood pressure is down as well. My blood pressure is down and my back is a lot better. B.R. & S.R.

    Hip Problems, Back Pain and Blood Pressure Improved.

    (Retired Couple)
  • I have asthma, rheumatoid arthritis and lower back pain. I have been on various medications for 5-6 years consuming 4-5 pills per day without not much improvement. Two weeks after beginning care, I only had to use my inhaler once. I am slowly beginning to move my wrists and hands more freely. I have been able to ride my horseback again with no problems or soreness the next day. I have also been able to help my husband separate the calf's from the momma cows with no problems. S.H.

    Able to ride my horse again.

  • I went to see Dr. Paul after being out of care Chiropractic care for a while. I was impressed by his systematic approach and development of a health plan for my individual needs. Great news it is working, I started out having to see him several times a week constantly needing adjustment, but now I see him every 2 weeks, and I do not always need adjustment, best of all I feel great. I am off medications I was taking for health issues, and my overall quality of life has improved. I highly recommend Dr. Paul. D.Z.

    Best Chiropractor.

    (General Contractor)

We can help to get you back on the right track to health

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Blumsack Family Chiropractic

Our practice is made up of families wanting to live a healthier life.

Our Mission: Improving the health of our community, especially the families.
3770 Due West Road, Suite 200
Marietta, GA 30064
(678) 741-8993
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